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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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13-mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia makes it feel like it's in the 20s while the temperature's actually one degree above freezing. coatesville, atlantic city, pottstown are dry. we'll see sunshine. the temperatures holding pretty steady to start with. 31 degrees at 6:00 and at 9:00. by lunchtime, though, even though we see bright sunshine, minimal warmup. 34 degrees. you can blame the wind out of the north-northwest at 14 miles an hour for that. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boyington following your first alert travg. >> we're starting on route 38 right now. not a lot of cars out there. roadways are dry. definitely a good thing there. no problems on the schuylkill or 95.
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speeds still in the 60s. there's an overturned vehicle around taylors lane. there's not a lot of traffic or jamup because of this scene. >> thanks. new from your night. police are searching for a gunman. the victim was sitting in a car at 62 pd and philadelphia. the shooter ran up to the side of the car, fired, and took off. only on nbc 10 this morning, a philadelphia man talks about an attack that he says came at the hands of a philadelphia police officer. the officer now faces felony charges. nbc 10's drew smith is live at the special victims unit. the victim says it happened right there. tell us more.
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[ no audio ] >> doing his job every day. he's a mild-mannered officer. there's nothing that leads me to believe that any of this is true. [ no audio ] happening today, two members of the new castle courthouse shooting will be sentenced. later this morning the judge will decide. they among their mother lenore were the first to be convicted for the charge after waging a campaign to harass david's ex-wife christine belford. lenore who's in a hospital was sentenced to life last week. the two women walked into the
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courthouse for a custody hearing. he died in a shoot-out with police. bill cosby is firing back at his accuser with a breach of contract lawsuit. the lawsuit names andrea constand, her lawyer, mother, and publisher of the "national enquirer.." they were all. con stand has accused cosby of drugging and molesting her in his montgomery home in 2004. cosby is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on the felony charges next month. it's 4:33. three former new jersey governors are working together to reopen the investigation into the deaths of a prominent couple. they're part of a group called "friends of john and joyce sheridan." they requested the death certificates be changed and the case reopened. the couple was found dead when
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their montgomery county home caught on fire. he killed his wife and then killed himself. john sheridan was an executive at cooper university health systems. >> this morning we have surveillance video of two men who police say posed as water workers and beat a philadelphia woman in her home. police released the video. it shows the men outside her home in mt. breeze. they told us that the woman inside -- they told the woman that they needed to check water pipes. officers say they beat her with a handgun and ransacked the place. if you recognize them, call police. and happening today, roxborough's historic park will get state aid. they'll get an update on their
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recreational area. montgomery county heroin ring busted. the street value, $1 million. ahead, hear how the police got the master mooipd of a multi-state smuggling operation. also ahead the cost of mother nature's work. hear how much they need to rebuild beaches battered during the blizzard. a chilly start this morning. the wind making it feel even colder. right now, 33 degrees, but it feels like it's in the 20s. neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast just ahead. your heart loves omega-3s.
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but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. 4:37. a cold start this morning. the wind is blowing which will make it feel a little bit
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colder. 33 in philadelphia. that's five degrees colder than yesterday. pottstown, 29. 29 in wrightstown whoo toms river dropped eight degrees. glendora, just below freezing at 31 degrees. add in the wind, and the windchills are in the 20s for most spots except trenton where it is calm. the wind has died down. reading, 19. look at the pocono mountains. you'll have to bundle up. the same winds are blowing through the areas. we've been spotting them on the radar screen. most of this activity not even reaching the ground. they're on the move. they'll take the clouds with them and head out to sea and we'll see sunshine. partly to mostly sunny skies. very low 30s for high temperatures. for allentown, reading, and quakertown, we normally see middle 40s this time of year. 10 degrees.
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mt. holly and doylestown, a high at the freezing mark. look at the shore. not much better there. you will see sunshine. cape may, dover, bright sunshine and bright sunshine this afternoon for philadelphia and in wilmington, it's in the 30s. if this is too cold for you, maybe you'd like some of this. saturday and sunday, a nice warmup. chilly mornings, but above freezing and 57 degrees saturday and partly sunny and stilled my on sunday. we'll have the seven-day forecast in ten minutes, tracy, to show you how mild the weather is going to last. >> looking forward to that. let's check your roads. we know of an accident in dell ran. do you have an update, jessica? >> an accident scene blocking route 130.
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all lanes are closed around the area. no problems here yet. you can see all lanes moving along just fine. the roadways are dry as well. that's definitely a change from earlier this week. moving through center city, no problems here. oi checked with mass transit. no problems there. >> police took a man off the streets. learn how they got the local man, el chapo. find out why drivers may soon be paying more for a fill-up.
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it's 4:42. a million dollar in heroin is off the streets. nbc 10's vai sikahema has more. vai, they hope to have cut off a drug pipeline, right? >> that's the hope, tracy. the state police and four local police departments. authorities recorded this video of david pacheco hiding drugs inside car batteries. he would make runs to atlanta and new york city and the drugs would end up on the streets of montgomery county. people in our area found the results of the epidemic. >> i never thought anything like this would happen, like el chapo. it's crazy. >> we need help out there.
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this generation is dwindling away. >> pacheco is locked up on $1 million in bail. h his. meantime an attorney for joaquin "el chapo" garcia say they're turned him into a zombie. they only let him sleep two hours after a time. it's part of the treatment. aside from the treatment he still wants to be tried in mexico rather than extradited to the u.s. a trained fighter was in the right place at the right time. take a look. he knocked a would-be robber out. he was visiting his girlfriend. as they were talking the suspect climbed onto the counter, said
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he had a gun and demanded oxycodone. >> he started reaching into his pants and said he had a weapon. that's when i did something just to protect my girlfriend. >> the boxer walked over, pinned him to the ground. he now faces armed robbery charges. it's 4:45. a low co-biotech firm says a vaccine that it's developing is showing promise. test mice are already developing antibodiys. they say human testing could begin within a year. they also announced they have been given the go ahead to begin a test next year on any ebola vaccine. the agency is asking people who recently traveled to affected countries to wait four weeks before donating blood. the recommendation also applies to everyone who had sexual contact with those travelers.
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doctors say the four-week wait should be enough for people's immune systems to clear the virus. in decision 2016, republican presidential candidates are getting one last chance to make their pitch to voters on national tv before saturday's secretary treasurer republican primary. cnn hosted the first of two town howls. tonight they host another with jeb bush, john kay circumstance and donald trump. donald trump got the stage all to himself in another town hall hosted by msnbc last night. trump said if he wins the nomination, he'll get more crossover votes from democrats than any other candidate ever and he said he will definitely win in pennsylvania. now, donald trump has fallen behind ted cruz in a new national poll from nbc and "the wall street journal." cruz has the support of 28% of primary voters while trump gets
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26%. marco rubio, 17%. john kasich in fourth with 11%. this is a big reversal from last month when cruz led trump by 13 points. >> a new york man lost his wallet during a concert but thankfully a stranger returned it. that's just where the story begins. reilly o'flaherty lost his wallet a few weeks ago. he assumed all his cards and cash and subway pass were lost forever, right? until an anonymous person returned it. he enclosed a card. i kept the card because i needed weed, the metro card because it's $2.75 now and the wallet because it's kind of cool. reilly got a kick out of it and posted it. he was like basically a good guy and giving me the middle finger and keeping the money in it.
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the concert caught wind and offered him tickets to an upcoming show. it's 4:37. let e let's check the vineland. >> we have an investigation. again, all lanes are closed. it occurred around 1:00 this morning. follow that detour and you'll be fine. a little further south, we have no problems right around the cape may toll plaza. from the beginning parts of the week we have dry roadways. no snow on the shoulders. at least at this point. here's 95 around cottman avenue. the southbound drive hasn't budged yet. a 13-minute trip. average speed in the near 60s.
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i'll be back in ten minutes with a check on your morning drive. it's now 11 minutes before 5:00 but it's still cold outside. the temperatures have been slowly coming down. notice the clouds blowing through. this is live from the nbc 10 studios. the winds at 13 miles an hour. ing it feel like 24 this morning. definitely colder than yesterday morning. those scattered clouds might produce a flurry, but most of the area will be dry, completely dry at the shore. you can see the lights bringing. no sign of fog either. just below freezing for wilmington. a look at the 20s for langhorne at 27. love lovetttown at 33. a little farther west they'll're all in the upper 20s to start with. you'll need your winter coat
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this morning and probably this afternoon. the clouds moving through, they'll keep on going. you may see a flurry but any snow showers should stay to the north. by late this afternoon, notice the clouds to the west. it doesn't look like we'll get any weather from those. we're on our way to a much warmer weekend. mostly sunny. nice and sunny, but the cold breeze will be blow belowing through right this afternoon. normally we would warm into the middle 40s. that's where we'll be heading tomorrow. closer to normal. 43. that's after a colder morning down to 20 degrees to start with. sunshine and then those clouds and we' and they're out of here for the weekend. 65 saturday afternoon. back to tupper 50s on sunday.
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so far looking pretty mild on monday, too, with a high of 52. but then clouds arrive on tuesday. we could see rain showers later on tuesday and mainly rain on wednesday, but there's a chance some areas will see some light snow. a colder start wednesday morning. mainly north and west. something to watch as we go into next week. >> i heard everything but the last lierng bill. that was awesome. thanks. delaware governor is asking for funds. crews were repairing dunes battered by the storm. governor jack markell is asking the federal government for $2.5 million to help make repairs in dewey, bethany, and rehoboth beaches. the governor said it's time to ask for help. >> it's not matter of philosophy. it's a matter of math, and we hit the target. >> it's not just for the town. it affects the economy and the
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entire state. >> barring any setbacks like a faw tur storm, they say they plan to have the beaches repaired by may. right now, a philadelphia police officer is charged with attacking a man outside a special victims unit. next hear from the victim. you can still pass go but forget the cash. boardwalk, park place in monopoly are going digital.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington. we're watching 95 through delaware. we're going the take a drive through there. everything is green. 11 minutes northbound or southbound. average speeds still in the 60s. but there is a ramp closure that causes delays not this early because we don't have a lot of volume. 95 southbound, the exit to 70 at
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route 52. that will be out there for another couple of days until february 24th. we'll have another update when e come back in the 5:00 hour. four minutes from 5:00, from our jersey shore, lawmakers announced a plan to get finances under control. they call it a cooperative working agreement. they would give it vast negotiations. a great contracts and sell off city assets. they described it as an intervention rather than a takeover. delaware residents could soon be paying more at the pump. state lawmakers are again looking at the raise in the state's gas tax by 10 cent as gallon in order to pay for bridge and road repairs. it's 23 cent as gallon. new jersey gas is taxed at 14. and pennsylvania leads the nation with the gas tags of more
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than 50 cents a gallon. a pennsylvania congressman is calling for action against a birth control method that thousands of women say is dangerous. women across the country have reported health problems from the east shore device. it's made to block pregnancy. congressman wants it pulled from the market. he provides in the complaint that it provides illegal kickbacks to doctors. congressman fitzpatrick claims he's located hundreds dead. >> until it's determined to be not just effective but safe and effect tifb for all women. >> in response, the make ur of essure says the safety and efficacy of essure is supported by more than a decade of science
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as well as real world clinical experience. at the shore jersey students and parents marched to show the world their futures matter. the fourth annual rise up march celebrated black history month. they were inspired to do the right thing despite crimes and drug in their community. >> it's a platform for all students and kids in pleasantville to speak out on any issue that they feel may be hurting or affecting their environmental. >> the event urged parents and students to get more involved in events. >> hasbro's new game is called monopoly ultimate banking game. it eliminates the signature
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banking money as well as the bafrper position. instead they scan bank cards. it's based on the real life streets of atlantic city. >> that's so not fun. i like my piles of money set up in front of the boards. >> especially the $500 bills. >> yes. >> you like that. "nbc 10 news today" starts right now. right now on "nbc 10 news today," officer arrested. a philadelphia cop who once survived a gunshot is now facing charges. hear from his alleged victim only on nbc 10. thieves are coming up with new ways to target your money and it's happening at the gas pump. nbc 10 rode along with pump inspectors how to swap skimming
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devices. >> taking to the streets. we'll tell you why neighbors rallied outside a philadelphia school to protest a possible change. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's head to meteorologist bill henley. bill? >> bundle up this morning. dry in the city. there are clouds blowing through the area. the 10-mile-an-hour wind is just enough to make it feel a bit colder this morning. just dropped one degree. 2 degrees in philadelphia. teens in the pocono mountains. so bundle up if you're heading out and grab your sunglasses. we'll see bright sunshine. a few thin clouds passing by blowing through the area. the temperatures barely moving through most of the morning. by 1:00 this afternoon will warm into the mid 308s. i'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. right now jessica boyington has your


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